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Software Downloads for DI-159 PLC

Windows Terminal Program

Download the Terminal Program for the DI-159 PLC
Download the DI-159 PLC Terminal Emulator
(Windows only - includes drivers).

Windows Driver

Download the Windows Drivers for the DI-159 PLC
Download the Windows DI-145 USB driver
(works with the DI-159 PLC - WINDOWS Only - does not include a terminal program).

Sample Programs

Download the Sample Programs (.zip)

Go to the DI-159 PLC product page for documentation and more information.

Linux and Apple

The DI-159 PLC will work with Linux and Apple computers, though DATAQ Instruments does not support installation of either. Linux has two different generic drivers, which are appropriate for a USB to COM port converter. The first is an Abstract Control Model driver designed for modem devices, and is simply named acm. The other one is a generic USB to serial driver named usbserial. Apple computers should load an appropriate driver upon connection. Any terminal program that can hook a com port may be used to program the DI-159 PLC. For help using the DI-159 on a MAC please see the blog post: DI-159 PLC Connection with a Mac Computer.