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Changes to the Built-in Temperature Alert Server


There have been some changes to the server, built into the Temperature Alert TM-WIFI350 LAN-based temperature and humidity data logger. In the past, when typing the IP address of your TM-WIFI logger into a web browser, you were directed to ‘Developer Mode’. In Developer Mode you can set alarms, change connection parameters and enter email notification information. Data is stored locally in developer mode.

Temperature Alert server mode

The most recent version of the Temperature Alert server now directs you to ‘Sensor Cloud Mode’, where you’ll be forced to create a free Temperature Alert cloud account. In Sensor Cloud Mode, data is stored to the Temperature Alert Sensor cloud, where it can be accessed from any PC with an Internet connection. As with Developer Mode, Sensor Cloud Mode allows you to set alarms, view real-time data and enter a single email address where alert notifications can be sent. For a fee, you can send alerts to multiple email addresses, and receive periodic reports.

To avoid having to create an account, click the ‘Switch To Developer Mode’ link, located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Temperature Alert server mode

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