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DI-1100 ($59) USB Starter Kit DAQ Preview

DI-1100 USB DAQ Starter Kit

DI-1100 USB DAQ Starter Kit

We’re excited to announce the pending availability of model DI-1100 USB data acquisition starter kit, a new generation, low-cost solution for PC-based data acquisition to replace the popular DI-145 model.

Suitable for measuring preamplified analog signals, the DI-1100 in tandem with included WinDaq software allows real time data acquisition, playback, and analysis performance equal to or better than other products that cost many times its low price. Predecessors of this instrument were sold to over 35,000 hobbyists and professionals for countless data acquisition applications around the world. The DI-1100 continues this legacy with a higher resolution and faster ADC than its predecessor while retaining its noise-cancelling and armored differential analog inputs. With 12-bit resolution and maximum per-channel sample rate of 20 kHz to 40 kHz, this is our fastest, most flexible, and value-oriented starter kit ever.

Product highlights:

  • Includes a DI-1100 instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, and downloadable WinDaq software
  • Direct replacement for the DI-145 data acquisition start kit (compare)
  • Low-cost, Compact USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit
  • Four ±10 V Differential Analog Inputs
  • 12-bit Resolution
  • High sample rates per channel (dependent on the number of channels enabled):
    • 40 kHz, 1 enabled channel
    • 30 kHz, 2 enabled channels
    • 24 kHz, 3 enabled channels
    • 20 kHz, 4 enabled channels
  • 2 Dedicated Digital Inputs
  • Analog inputs are protected to ±100 V
  • Digital inputs are protected to ±40 VDC or peak AC
  • Provided with WinDaq Software
  • .NET class and protocol provided for development in non-Windows operating systems
  • CE approved

Get all the details from the DI-1100’s product page. Availability is March 2017, and we’re taking pre-orders now.



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