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Model DI-145 vs. DI-1100
Low Cost Data Acquisition Starter Kit Product Comparison

Beginning immediately DATAQ Instruments has shuffled its data acquisition starter kit product line. Model DI-145 is discontinued and replaced by model DI-1100. We accumulated what we learned from our vast DI-145 customer base and combined this with the latest technology to produce the DI-1100, a new data acquisition starter kit for a new generation of PCs and end-users. The following table summarizes the major differences between the two products. Refer to the DI-1100 product page for more details.

  DI-145 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit DI-145 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit
Feature DI-145 DI-1100
Resolution 10-bit 12-bit
Throughput sample rate 240 Hz 20-40 kHz per channel
CE Approved Yes Yes
Price $29.00 $59.00