DATAQ Instruments Application Notes and News

Secrets For Successful High Speed Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq (Originally Published In Measurement & Control Magazine April, 1999) Spreadsheets, word processing, data bases, web browsers, servers, email, flight simulators, Doom™ — of all the jobs we make our personal computers do, none tasks them more than high speed, real time data acquisition. No application will more quickly reveal Read More

Casting off with WinDaq Software and the DI-730

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-730 Sport fishermen would recognize the product immediately. Though this one was rigged to a metal tub filled with water, most fishermen are used to seeing the product attached to the bow of a bass boat where it allows the skipper to easily and quietly maneuver the boat for a Read More

A Closer Look At Advanced CODAS Software

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > Advanced CODAS Advanced CODAS is a seamless software enhancement to WinDaq Waveform Browser playback and analysis software. Essentially a tool box of analysis functions, Advanced CODAS offers almost limitless flexibility in its approach to waveform analysis. This application note seeks to examine each Advanced CODAS analysis function in Read More

Data Acquisition Using LabVIEW and DATAQ Instruments’ ActiveX Controls

Data Acquisition > Software Active X LabVIEW is a popular programming environment for many data acquisition applications. DATAQ Instruments hardware products may be programmed under LabVIEW by applying our ActiveX software tools. This application note describes a step-by-step procedure you can use to access any DATAQ Instruments ActiveX control from LabVIEW. This procedure uses the Read More

A Closer Look at the Advanced CODAS Peak Capture Algorithm

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > Advanced CODAS Versatile data analysis software package offers automatic detection and convenient reporting of critical cyclic waveform information. Any continuous periodic waveform represents a variety of desirable information, such as the beginning and end points of a cycle, the minimum, maximum, or mean signal values within the cycle, Read More

A Closer Look At The Advanced CODAS Moving Average Algorithm

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > Advanced CODAS Versatile moving average in Advanced CODAS algorithm filters waveform noise, extracts mean, and eliminates baseline drift. The moving average is a simple mathematical technique used primarily to eliminate aberrations and reveal the real trend in a collection of data points. You might be familiar with it Read More

A Closer Look At The WinDaq Derivative Algorithm

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq The derivative is a mathematical tool used to obtain the rate of change from any given function. When the function to be differentiated is expressed as an equation, we would apply the appropriate derivative formula to attain the rate of change in a similar equation format. When the function Read More

A Closer Look at Waveform Integration with Advanced CODAS

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq > Advanced CODAS Mathematics has relied on the integration function for centuries as an aid to understanding the interrelationships of physical measurements. For example, an integral (or area under the curve) function can be applied to achieve units transformation. A velocity equation may be integrated to derive an equation Read More

DI-730 Data Acquisition System Aids Moon Roof Design and Qualification

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-730 It was a good, long run, but the strip chart recorder our customer had used for years was finally being replaced with a state-of-the-art PC-based data acquisition system. The recorder had become unreliable, and the paper records were tedious to analyze, and difficult to archive. The only problem was Read More

The Fact, Folly and Mathematics of Analog to Digital Converter Resolution

Data Acquisition > Software > WinDaq Everyone agrees that higher resolution analog to digital converters (ADCs) are better, right? So why do so many end-users shell out bucks for one and then fail to exploit that advantage? What I mean is that we are too often shocked when we receive data files from customers with Read More