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Model DI-148 vs. DI-149
Low Cost Data Acquisition Starter Kit Product Comparison

Beginning immediately DATAQ Instruments has extended the retooling of its data acquisition starter kit line up. Model DI-148U is discontinued and replaced by model DI-149. The DI-148U has been a workhorse product for nearly a decade, but advances in technology now allow us to offer more power for nearly the same low price. Extending the success of the recently introduced DI-145, the DI-149 employs virtually indestructible analog and digital inputs, and adds counter/time capability. The following table summarizes the major differences between the DI-148 and its replacement, the new DI-149. Refer to the DI-149 Data Sheet for more details.

  DI-148 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit DI-149 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit
Feature DI-148 DI-149
Analog Subsystem
Number of Channels 8, single-ended 8, differential
Maximum Sample Rate 14.4 kHz 8 kHz
Maximum Input without Damage approx 25 V approx 150 V
Digital Subsystem
Number of ports 8 bi-directional inputs Four each dedicated inputs and outputs       
Input range without damage 0-5 V (TTL) ±30 V
Maximum digital output drive TTL loads only 30 V @ 500 mA
Counter/Timer Subsystem
Number of counter timer channels None 2 (shared with digital inputs)
Interface USB v.1 USB v. 2
OS support XP, and 32- and 64-bit versions of       
Windows Vista and Windows 7
XP, and 32- and 64-bit versions of
Windows Vista and Windows 7
CE approval Yes Yes
Price $50 $59