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Model DI-155 vs. DI-1120
Low Cost Data Acquisition Starter Kit Product Comparison

The following table summarizes the major differences between the DI-155 and the DI-1120 products. Refer to the DI-1120 product page for more details.

  DI-155 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit DI-1120 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit
Feature DI-155 DI-1120
Number of Channels 4, differential 4, differential
Resolution 13-bit 14-bit
Maximum Sample Rate 10 kHz 160 kHz
Measuring Range ±2.5 to ±50 volts full scale ±2 to ±100 volts full scale
ChannelStretch™ support No Yes
Anti-alias Filters No Yes
Digital I/O 4 each in and out 7 bi-direction ports