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Model DI-194RS vs. DI-145
Low Cost Data Acquisition Starter Kit Product Comparison

Beginning immediately DATAQ Instruments has shuffled its data acquisition starter kit product line. Model DI-194RS is discontinued and replaced by model DI-145. The DI-194RS has been a workhorse product for nearly a decade, but advances in integrated circuit technology and changes in how users connect data acquisition products to their PC have made it largely obsolete by contemporary standards. We accumulated what we learned from our vast DI-194RS customer base and combined this with the latest technology to produce the DI-145, a new data acquisition starter kit for a new generation of PCs and end-users. The following table summarizes the major differences between the two products. Refer to the DI-145 product page for more details.

  DI-194 Data Acquisition Starter Kit DI-145 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit
Feature DI-194RS DI-145
Interface RS-232 USB v. 2
OS support Windows XP Windows XP
32- and 64-bit Windows Vista
32- and 64-bit Windows 7
Number of Channels 4, single-ended 4, differential
Maximum input without damage ±25V ±240V
Backward-compatible with DI-194RS protocol N/A Yes
CE Approved Yes Yes
Price $24.99 $29.00