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DI-730 Series Bundles Save You Money

Save $1,500 when you Bundle!

With the DI-730 Bundle offer, you receive the following:

DI-730 Data Acquisition SystemDI-730 Instrument

8-channel, high-voltage waveform recording system, featuring channel-to-channel isolation, 14-bit measurement resolution, EPP support, 150kHz sampling rate, and six measurement ranges from ±10mV to ±1000V full scale. Includes AC adapter and parallel communications cable.

$2995 (parallel port)
$3195 (USB)
$3390 (Ethernet)

WinDaq Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq/Pro+

Multitasking data recording software that supports variable sample rates per channel.

Value: $1,995

Banana PlugsSixteen Banana Plugs

39" (99.06 cm) test leads with safety banana plugs, 1000V (8 black and 8 red).

Value: $152

Right angle test plungersSixteen Test Plungers

Right angle test plungers, 1000V (8 black and 8 red).

Value: $80

WinDaq/XL Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq/XL

Real-time link to MS Excel requiring no programming.

Value: $99.95

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