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WinDaq/XL Software Download

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This download can be used as a Trial version, the FULL version (activation instructions), or an UPGRADE for WinDaq/XL. Use the trial version of WinDaq/XL as an add-on to your WinDaq/Lite/HS/Pro/Pro+ Software. The trial version is fully functional for 60 days and includes detailed help files.

Download WinDaq/XL
         Download WinDaq/XL Version 1.69

  • Real- time data logging directly to Microsoft Excel.
  • "Run WinDaq Minimized" function.
  • True Multitasking Operation.
  • No programming.
  • Single-Shot or Looping Real-Time Modes.
  • Trigger Mode Support for High-Speed Snapshots.
  • Instant Export from the Playback Software.
  • Trigger Options

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