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Miscellaneous Software

Upgrades to AT CODAS, Programmer's SDK, WinDaq/Scope, WinDaq/CE, DI-900MB Configuration, and more

The following files are self-extracting executables, simply click on the desired file to start the download process. Create a new directory on your hard disk named disk1 and place the downloaded file in this new directory. When the download is complete, run the executable (the .exe file) to extract the individual program files.

Link Description
Programmer's SDK (557 KB) Revision 2.93
WinDaq/Scope (1.6 MB)
For DI-770 Oscilloscope products only. Note: You must un-install the old driver before installing the new one.
DI-720/DI-730 USB flash ROM update  
DI-720/DI-730 Ethernet flash ROM update  
DI-900MB Series Configuration Software (8.8 MB)
For DI-900MB Series only.
ActiveX Controls (1000 KB)
Includes example VB and LabVIEW programs. Click here to find out more.
WinDaq/XL (4.25 MB)
To complete download, you must have the most recent version (2.5) of the WinDaq software you use (Lite/Pro/Pro+). If you have purchased WinDaq/XL, you will need your Product ID for a full installation, otherwise you can install it as a 60 day trial. Click here to find out more.
WinDaq/Tach (9.1 MB - Version 3.42)
WinDaq/Tach Software. Distance-based WinDaq data recording and playback software for Windows. Click here to learn more.
VisualBASIC, Visual C++, Excel, Delphi, TestPoint, VEE & Labview Programming for WinDaq Starter Kits