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The Ability of the DI-245 and DI-2008 to Reject Common Mode Voltage


The ability of the DI-245 and DI-2008 to reject common mode voltage is unmatched in the $75 per channel price range.

To demonstrate the ability of the DI-245, where DI-2008 shares the same front-end configuration, to reject common mode (error) voltage, we connected K-type thermocouples to channels 1 and 2. With the thermocouple on channel 2 grounded, we then connected line voltage directly to the thermocouple on channel 1. This allowed us to demonstrate not only the common mode rejection, but also the channel-to-channel crosstalk rejection of the DI-245.

The ability of the DI-245 to reject common mode voltage As the following video illustrates, the results were impressive, to say the least!

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