DATAQ Instruments Application Notes and News

WiFi Range Considerations

Data Logger > Wireless We carry several WiFi products and we’re often asked about their range. In other words, how far from the WiFi router can the data loggers be located? Unfortunately, this is like asking us to forecast the weather next Sunday. There are simply too many variables for us to predict how well any WiFi Read More

Why You Need Channel-to-channel Isolation

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-245 Editor’s update: All information in this application note applies equally to model DI-808 data logger with a built-in Web server, and model DI-2008 Thermocouple, Voltage and Pulse Data Acquisition System. It’s difficult to temper excitement about DATAQ Instruments’ model DI-245 data acquisition system. Beyond thermocouple-based measurements and a superb voltage measurement Read More

How To Calculate Common Mode Rejection Ratio

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-245 Common Mode Rejection Ratio Defined Editor’s update: All information in this application note applies equally to model DI-808 data logger with a built-in Web server. Common mode rejection ratio doesn’t seem at all common. In fact, it sounds rather fancy and complicated. But it’s actually a simple concept. Recall Read More

The Ability of the DI-245 to Reject Common Mode Voltage

Data Acquisition > Thermocouple > DI-245 The ability of the DI-245 to reject common mode voltage is unmatched in the $75 per channel price range. To demonstrate the ability of the DI-245 to reject common mode (error) voltage, we connected K-type thermocouples to channels 1 and 2. With the thermocouple on channel 2 grounded, we Read More

EL-WIFI-Alert Alarm Indicator

Data Logger > Wireless > EL-WiFi Series The stand-alone EL-WIFI-Alert alarm indicator is an add-on for EL-WIFI series temperature and humidity data loggers. The EL-WIFI-Alert produces an audible and visual alert when an alarm level on any of your EL-WIFI temperature and humidity data loggers (installed on the same wireless network) is breached. Note that Read More

4-20 mA Measurement Resolution

Data Acquisition > 4-20mA Current Loop Don’t overlook a vital component that affects 4-20 mA measurement success: Measurement resolution. Measurements from sensors that have a 4-20 mA output are very common. Customers always ask how to connect them to a data logger or data acquisition system, which we describe in detail here. However, they often overlook a vital Read More

How To Install Model DI-245 Under Windows XP

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-245 Since our new model DI-245 voltage, millivolt, and thermocouple data acquisition system was released after Microsoft very vocally discontinued support for Windows XP, the instrument is the first in a long while that does not natively support that operating system. We’ve since learned to our chagrin that Microsoft continues to Read More

Introducing the DI-245 Voltage and Thermocouple Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition > Voltage > DI-245 DATAQ Instruments is pleased to introduce the all-new DI-245 Voltage and Thermocouple data acquisition system. The DI-245 provides four analog inputs that can be individually configured to measure voltage or thermocouple data.  With 12 programmable measurement ranges from ±50V to ±10mV, the DI-245 provides resolution up to 1.2µV. The DI-245 Read More

Lascar’s ‘Files Thru the Air’ Technology

Data Logger > Wireless Data Loggers > EL-WiFi Series Users can manage and monitor any number EL-WIFI series instruments remotely… Lascar’s ‘Files Thru the Air’ technology allows those using EL-WIFI series instruments to store data to the cloud. Users can manage and monitor any number EL-WIFI series instruments remotely, using a web browser on their PC Read More

The new DATAQ Instruments Forum

Data Acquisition > Support Tickets About a year ago DATAQ Instruments rolled out a new forum tied into our support ticket system. The ticket system and forum now use the same login. Recently we closed all new posts to the old forum at The old forum can still be browsed, but no new posts Read More