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Model EL-DataPad

Portable Viewer for EL-USB Temperature Data Loggers

Out of
  • Optional accessory for configuring and reviewing data from select EL-USB data loggers
  • Archive capacity for up to 500 logger uploads
  • View uploaded data with general trend and summary reports
  • Allows full or quick set-up of compatible EL-USB data loggers
  • Touch screen interface for navigation of menus
  • 2.8 inch full color TFT display
  • Stored data can be transferred to a PC via micro USB cable
  • Rechargeable internal built-in lithium battery provides up to 8 hours of use between charges
  • Discount Schedule
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EL-DataPad Data Logger Accessory
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The EL-DataPad allows users of certain EL-USB data loggers to configure their units, upload data, and view logging results on-the-spot rather than moving the logger to their PC. This allows shorter breaks in data collection for more data continuity, less travel time, and on-the-spot data review and data logger reconfiguration.

The logger is connected to the EL-DataPad via a standard USB port at the top of the DataPad. Once connected, you are guided through a simple touchscreen menu with options to Set-Up Logger, Stop Logger & Download and View Data. On-screen instructions follow the same structure as EL-USB-WIN software for the PC currently provided with each data logger.

Data from up to 100 loggers can be viewed on the EL-DataPad, with data from a further 400 units stored on the unit at any one time. Data can be transferred to a PC using a supplied micro USB cable. Once uploaded, data is saved in comma separated variable (csv) format, making it suitable for import into spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or graphed on a PC using EL-WIN-USB software.



Rubber Boot



Protective rubber boot for EL-Enviropad-TC and EL-DataPad.


AC Power Supply

AC power supply


Optional AC power supply (USB to AC) for stand-alone applications and charging EL-WiFi Series products. Includes US adapter.


US Power Adapter

US Power Adapter


Spare US Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


EU Power Adapter

European Power Adapter


Spare European Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


UK Power Adapter

UK Power Adapter


Spare UK Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


Australian Power Adapter

Australian Power Adapter


Spare Australian Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


Data recording capacity: >8.5 million readings
Operating time (on single charge): 8 hours (5 hours constant use)
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +50 °C
32 to 122 °F
Compatibility: Windows PC (XP and up)
Battery: Lithium Polymer, rechargeable via micro-USB connection
LCD: 240×320 2.8" TFT with touch-screen
Memory: Internal flash
Controls: Single front-panel push-button used for power-switch
Single press=ON, press and hold for 3 sec = OFF
Connections: 1x USB Type A socket (top of unit) for connection of data loggers
1x micro-USB (bottom of unit) for connection of unit to PC via 1m USB cable supplied


EL-DataPad Setup
EL-DataPad Setup

Learn how to set up and configure your EL-USB data logger with the Optional EL-DataPad.

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