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Serial port data acquisition starter kit

This product is obsolete and not available for sale.
DI-154RS Data Acquisition Starter Kit
  • Obsolete - replaced by the DI-149
  • Low Cost, Compact Data Recorder Kit
  • Record Data With 12-Bits of Measurement Accuracy at Rates Up to 240 Samples/Second
  • Convenient Serial Port Interface
  • Four ±10V Analog Inputs
  • Two Digital Inputs For Remote Start/Stop and Remote Event Marker Control
  • One Digital Output with Square Wave Generator
  • Includes WinDaq recording and playback software, communications cable, screwdriver, and documentation
WinDaq Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq Software
Data Acquisition Recording Software. 240Hz maximum sample rate for most products. Owners of obsolete products may still download the latest version.
DATAQ ActiveX ControlsActiveX Controls
For programming solutions
WinDaq Data Acquisition SoftwareWinDaq/XL
Ports data directly to Windows Microsoft Excel in real time during acquisition. Purchase directly from the WinDaq/XL product page.
(Trial Version)
R250 Shunt ResistorR250 4-20 mA Current Loop Shunt Resistor
Precision 250 Ω resistor, 0.1%. Learn More about 4-20mA current loop data acquisition.
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DI-1100 Data Acquisition Starter Kit
  • 4 differential armored analog channels
  • 12-bit measurement resolution
  • ±10 V fixed measurement range
  • 20-40 kHz sample rate per channel
  • Includes WinDaq software
  • Includes .NET Class
  • Fully documented command protocol
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DI-1110 Data Acquisition Starter Kit
  • 8 differential armored analog inputs
  • 12-bit measurement resolution
  • ±10 V measurement range
  • 7 digital I/O ports with rate and count
  • 160 kHz sample rate
  • Includes WinDaq software
  • Includes .Net class
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DI-1120 Data Acquisition Starter Kit
  • 4 differential armored analog inputs
  • Up to 64 channels (ChannelStretch™)
  • 14-bit measurement resolution
  • ±2V to ±100V range
  • 160 kHz sample throughput rate
  • Includes WinDaq ready-to-run software and .NET Class
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