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DATAQ Instruments Hardware and Software Manuals

Software Help Files
Download the latest help files for all our software.

WinDaq Waveform Browser (pdf)
WinDaq Waveform Browser playback and analysis software user's manual in pdf format.

WinDaq/Lite, WinDaq Waveform Browser, DI-151RS, and DI-195B (pdf)
A single, condensed manual that documents WinDaq/Lite recording software, WinDaqWaveform Browser playback and analysis software, the DI-151RS serial port module, and the DI-195B serial port module.

Preferences Command on the Edit Menu in WinDaq/Pro and WinDaq/Pro+ Recording Software
This is not a .pdf file, but a link to a page on our website that documents each command on the Preferences submenu in WinDaq/Pro and WinDaq/Pro+ software. The documentation for these advanced preference settings (i.e., update interval, scroll limit, skip factor, buffer size, beep on gap, frame rate, maximum sample rate, event mark capacity, open new file on full, next file on full, thermocouple type) is provided here because they are not documented in the WinDaq/Lite manual.

Programming DI-1xx series/WinDaq Starter Kit 
Samples in VisualBASIC, Visual C++, LabView, Delphi, TestPoint, VEE and Excel are available.

Hardware Manuals (pdf - unless noted otherwise)
Click on the Model Number below to download the Hardware Manual.

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