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AKRON, OH, August 1, 1996 — DATAQ Instruments, Inc. originally introduced WinDaq/200, the industry's first multitasking Windows-compatible data acquisition software back in 1993. Since then, the WinDaq software package (now known as WinDaq/Pro, WinDaq/Pro+, or WinDaq/Lite recording software and WinDaq Waveform Browser playback and analysis software) has gone on to become one of the most popular "no-programming" data acquisition software packages currently available.

WinDaq/200 Multitasking Data Acquisition Software allows users to acquire, review, store, and analyze waveforms without ever leaving the Microsoft Windows programming environment. WinDaq/200's unique multi-tasking capability allows users to acquire and record waveform data to disk without interruption in the background, while operating any combination of other Windows applications in the foreground. That makes it possible to review and analyze waveform data at the same time as the information is acquired and streamed to disk. Waveform data acquired with WinDaq/200 can also be transferred to unrelated Windows applications, such as word processors and spreadsheet packages, without interrupting data acquisition and storage.

WinDaq/200 is fully compatible with the Windows 3.xx and 95 environments, and closely follows all Windows standards, such as pull-down menus, dialog boxes, context-sensitive help, scroll bars, and error reporting and handling, etc.

The following features have been added to WinDaq/200 since the original release:

Real-time XY plotting: The WinDaq XY viewer "eavesdrops" on two channels of waveform data being stored to disk, and then simultaneously creates an XY plot of this data with the same engineering units and calibration information. This utility allows you to plot the relationship of one channel versus another as they are being acquired to disk, rather than plotted with respect to time. (which is what WinDaq/200 software displays).

Triggered mode acquisition with pre- post-trigger information: WinDaq/200 now allows you to specify the number of pre- and post-trigger data points that will be stored each time a trigger condition has been met. This feature gives you the flexibility to capture and store only transient waveform events. In contrast, without this feature, you may be forced to continuously acquire and store meaningless data for long periods of time before an event occurs.

4 data acquisition methods available per channel : WinDaq/200 provides you with four methods per channel of displaying and storing waveform information. These methods give you the ability to collect information from high speed waveforms while sampling at slower speeds. These acquisition methods are:

  1. Average - This method averages a group of data points and reports (displays & stores) them as a single point.
  2. Last Point - This method simply reports the last input data point of a group of data points and ignores the rest.
  3. Maximum - This method reports the highest value data point of a group and ignores the rest.
  4. Minimum - This method reports the lowest value data point of a group and ignores the rest.

Record up to 240 channels: With WinDaq/200's new multiplexer support, you can record up to 240 channels simultaneously, and display any 32 at the same time.

Supports DATAQ's new DI-500 series industrial data acquisition systems: WinDaq/200 is fully compatible with DATAQ's new DI-500 industrial data acquisition systems introduced in 1996. The DI-500 series products are a line of parallel (printer) port connected data acquisition systems that combine data acquisition with 1000-volt input-to-output isolated signal conditioning. The DI-500 systems can acquire and store up to 240 channels at speeds up to 250,000 samples/second (250kHz).

National Instruments - LabVIEW! Support: All of DATAQ Instruments' hardware is supplied with a software development kit that includes National Instruments - LabVIEW supported hardware drivers.

About DATAQ Instruments

DATAQ Instruments, Inc., based in Akron, Ohio, is a leading producer of PC-based, real-time data acquisition hardware and software. DATAQ supplies the PC-based instrumentation needs for medical, research, and industrial test and measurement customers. For more information on the DI-195B Signal-Conditioned Starter Kit, call DATAQ Instruments at 330-668-1444 or write to: DATAQ Instruments, Inc., 241 Springside Drive, Akron, OH 44333-2473, or visit our Web site at E-mail requests for information to

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