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High Speed Excel Data Acquisition System and Stand-alone Data Logger, 32GB USB Flash Drive, 8 Analog Inputs, ±10 V, 160kHz, Anti-aliasing Filter, 7 D I/O

  • Includes a DI-2108 instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, an NIST-traceable Calibration Certificate, and a 32GB USB flash drive with downloadable ExcelLink and WinDaq software
  • Included WinDaq ExcelLink ($99 value) is able to capture and stream data to Excel spreadsheet in real time, up to 160K s/s
    • Capable of recording to both Excel and WinDaq files simultaneously
    • Supports both 32- and 64-bit version of Excel.
    • Uses predefined Excel workbook for real time analysis and charting
    • Window trigger to capture data inside or outside a range
    • Slope trigger to capture data when reading crossing a point
    • Event trigger to capture single row when an event happens
    • Derivative trigger to trigger on rate of change, such as a glitch
    • Paced Trigger to capture a single row at predefined pace
    • Delayed Trigger to capture data after a predefined delay from the trigger point
    • Digital Channel Trigger to capture data based on digital input conditions
    • Manual trigger to capture data based on manual operation
    • Use Excel Template for predefined analysis and report generation, all in real time
  • Included 8 Channels+Stand-alone capability ($99 value) records data in WinDaq or Excel compatible CSV file to USB thumb drive
  • Eight 10V armored analog differential inputs
  • Adaptable anti-alias filter per channel - Corner frequency set as a function of sampling rate
  • Up to 16-bit analog-to-digital resolution (Calculate Resolution)
  • Seven digital ports programmable per port as input or switch
  • Published protocol for software development in all operating systems
  • Find out how long your data logger can record to removable flash memory with our Record Time Calculator
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DI-2108XL Excel Data Acquisition System
DI-2108 DAQ and Data Logger Side Panel DI-2108 DAQ and Data Logger Side Panel DI-2108 DAQ and Data Logger Complete DI-2108 DAQ and Data Logger Kit


DI-2108XL High Speed USB Data Acquisition and Data Logger System with Windaq software and 32GB USB flash drive. Features 8 differential analog 10V input channels, and stand-alone data recording to removable USB thumb drive.

DI-2108XL delivers premium analog performance at a surprisingly affordable price. The differential input configuration provides noise rejection, easily adapts to singleended signal sources, and is protected up to ±50 V dc or peak ac so that inevitable measurement mishaps will not harm the instrument. The front-end feeds a flexible resolution analog-to-digital converter that ranges from 12 to 16 bits as a function of sampling rate. Lower sampling rates deliver higher resolution readings. Rounding off the analog subsystem are anti-alias filters per channel with automatic selection of corner frequency at approximately one tenth of the sampling frequency.

DI-2108XL provides 7 digital ports, each configurable as an input or a switch. Input protection is provided to 25 V. When activated as inputs two ports allow dual functionality as discrete inputs, or programmed as a counter or rate input. The rate input features a 50 kHz maximum measurement allocated over twelve programmable measurement ranges (10 Hz to 50 kHz full scale.) The counter input provides 16-bit resolution and a terminal count value of 65,535. The discrete, counter, and rate inputs are members of the same internal scan list used by the analog input channels. This means that all enabled elements are acquired synchronously, which allows meaningful comparisons between analog and digital channels. For example, the rate input measuring engine speed allows rpm data to be acquired in lock-step with analog data. Configured as a switch a digital port can be used to control external loads up to 25 V @ 100 mA, and the switch can be controlled asynchronously without interfering with the scanning process.

A USB drive is used to record data in stand-alone mode. Two file formats are supported, Excel compatible CSV file forma and WinDaq file. With Excel compatible CSV format, DI-2108XL can record 200 rows of data per second. With WinDaq file, sample rate of 160K is possible with industrial grade SCL microSD card.

Real Time Trigger Excel Link

The DI-2108XL comes with WinDaq ExcelLink. It provides real-time conection to Excel spreadsheet (32- or 64-bit) and can stream data to Excel spreadsheet at high speed. Four trigger methods are provided - two-point window trigger, one-point slope trigger with pre- and post-trigger data, manual single row and block trigger, and programmable event driven single-row trigger.

Even though Excel can store over 1,000,000 rows of data, it is still a small buffer for high speed data aquisition unless trigger modes are utilized so that only data of interests is captured. ExcelLink supports advanced math to construct trigger methods. Window trigger can capture signals inside or outside a range. Slope trigger with pre- and post- trigger can capture signals before and after a predefined trigger point. Event trigger can capture a single row of data at the moment trigger conditions are met. Derivative trigger to trigger on rate of change, such as a glitch. Manual trigger can capture signals at operator's key instruction.

With data directly streaming to Excel, powerful real time analysis and many charting options are available, such as grouping multiple channels in a single chart.



4-20mA Current Loop Shunt Resistor

$ 2.99
R250 Shunt Resistor


250 Ω ±0.1% Precision, Metal Film, 1/2W, Axial Resistor
Exceptionally low noise; typically 0.10 μV/V
Low voltage coefficient to ±5 ppm/V
Flame retardant coating. RoHS compliant. Learn More


32GB USB Flash

32GB USB Flash Drive


32GB 3.0 USB flash drive for stand-alone recording up to 10,000 Samples per second throughput.


16GB high-endurance pSLC microSD Card (High Endurance)

16GB Mid Speed Micro SD Card


High-endurance 16 GB micro SD flash memory card. Recommended for recording rates between 10,000 S/s and 60,000 S/s throughput. microSD Card Reader (Part#2000352) is needed


32GB Industrial-Grade microSD Card (High-Endurance)

32GB Mid Speeed MicroSD Card


32 GB Industry-grade high capacity microSD flash memory card. Recommended for recording rates between 10,000 S/s and 40,000 S/s throughput rate and harsh environment. microSD Card Reader (Part#2000352) is needed


microSD Card Reader

Micro SD Card Reader


Micro SD Card Reader with USB A interface. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compatible transfer rates. No additional card adapters required


AC/DC Adapter

AC/DC Adapter for Sensor Excitation


AC Adapter for Sensor (such as 4-20mA) Excitation. Input: AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz; Output: 12V, 2A. Power Cable Length: 36.6 inch (0.9m).


High Accuracy Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensor


2000361-H High precision pressure sensor measures PSI ranges of -14.5 up to 10000 PSI dependant on model. Made with 316 stainless steel and high temperature auto-graded plastic. 0.5% accuracy. 0.5V – 4.5V linear voltage output.


4-20mA Output High Accuracy Pressure Sensors

Pressure Sensor


2000361-HX 4-20mA Output High precision pressure sensor measures PSI ranges of -14.5 to 10000 PSI dependant on model. 8-30V supply voltagle, such as a car battery. Made with 316 stainless steel and high temperature auto-graded plastic. 0.5% accuracy. 4-20mA linear current output.


DC/DC Converter

DC/DC Converter


Allows you to power data logger with a battery. Input voltage: DC8-35V, (12V/24V changes to 5V); Output parameter: DC5V 3A, 15W MAX


USB Ferrite Choke

Ferrite Choke


Ferrite choke reduces interference for USB-based data acquisition products.


USB Cable

Dual Ferrite USB cable for ChannelStretch


Optional USB Cable for use with ChannelStretch™. Dual ferrite cores provide maximum protection against ground bounce that could lockup your PC's USB port during data acquisition. 20.4-inch (520 mm) overall cable length. Recommended whenever products are deployed in our ChannelStretch™ configuration.


7 Port USB Hub



Powered 7 port USB hub to synchronize multiple USB devices. Please note: Not all DATAQ Instruments devices support synchronization - check your product datasheet or product page for detailed information. Note: Provided with a US ac adaptor only, and is not suitable for use in countries that require an ac mains connector other than the US type.


USB Extension Cable

16-foot USB 2.0 extension cable.


16-ft USB Extension Cable. USB 2.0 Type A. Daisy chain up to 5 cables for extended length.


AC Power Supply

AC power supply


Optional AC power supply (USB to AC) for stand-alone applications and charging EL-WiFi Series products. Includes US adapter.


1-30L/min. Flow Sensor

1 to 30mL per minute flow sensor


YF-S201 Flow Sensor Measures 1-30L/min. Light weight, small size, durable, and easy to install. Inlaid with stainless steel impeller shaft. Lowest working voltage: DC4.5 5V-24V; Max current: 15 mA (DC 5V); Max operation temp: 120°C. Learn more.


Calibration Certificate

NIST Calibration Certificate


Re-calibration Service, this calibration certificate is included with new instruments. NIST-traceable certificate for model DI-2108 high speed data acquisition product. Includes before and after data. Shipping charges do apply when ordering online. Learn more about Calibrating your device.


EU Power Adapter

European Power Adapter


Spare European Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


UK Power Adapter

UK Power Adapter


Spare UK Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


Australian Power Adapter

Australian Power Adapter


Spare Australian Adapter for AC power supply 101017-2 and 101085.


AC/DC Current Clamp

AC/DC Current Probe


AC/DC Current Clamp includes 9V battery and user manual. Download the DataSheet (pdf) to learn more or go to the product page.



Data Acquisition Recording and Playback Software

Included FREE with your DI-2108 purchase. Record as many as 4 channels at 160,000 samples per second throughput. Installs drivers and WinDaq recording and playback software. Includes optional Add-on software with a valid installation key. Record all 8 channels with an Unlock Code (see Accessories).

WinDaq Data Acquisition Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record 4-20mA sensor signals and if so, how do I do that?
4-20-mA process current signals can be measured with the DI-2108. See How to make 4-20mA current Loop Measurements for more information.

Does the device have internal memory (i.e. can I record in stand-alone mode)?
Though the DI-2108 does not have internal memory you can record data to a removable USB thumb drive (included with purchase). Configure the device with your PC then deploy in the field. An unlock code is required to store more than one channel to the USB thumb drive.

What kind of thumb drive can I use?
Almost any off-the shelf thumb drive can be used but could cause gaps in data. The thumb drives provided on our web site are tested and rated for speed. For higher speeds we recommend using the SLC micro SD card with a USB A microSD card reader available in Accessories.

Can I connect and measure data from a single-ended sensor?
Yes. Single-ended sensors can be connected and measured. The best practice is to connect the ground wire to the negative input of the channel.

Can I measure Thermocouple temperatures?
Thermcouple temperature measurements would not be accurate using the DI-2108 and should not be attempted. Thermocouple measurements are non-linear and require special programming to provide accurate readings.

Is software included with the device?
WinDaq Data Acquisition and Playback Software is included free.

Where do I download the software?
Download ExcelLink at

Download WinDaq at

Does the DI-2108 include a calibration certificate?
All new DI-2108 instruments ship with an NIST-traceable calibration certificate.

Can I get the DI-2108 re-calibrated?
Recalibration service is available and can be ordered online.

How often should I get the DI-2108 re-calibrated?
The DI-2108 should be re-calibrated annually.

Is my sensor compatible with this device?
Maybe. Sensors with an output within the range of ±10 Volts can be used with the DI-2108. See how fine a measurement you can make with your sensor using the ADC Resolution Calculator. If you have any questions about compatibility just send your sensor information to our sales team at

Is the DI-2108 Isolated?
The DI-2108 is not an isolated instrument. The armored analog inputs can withstand up to ±50 V without damage.

Does the DI-2108 include digital or analog output channels?
The DI-2108 has seven bi-directional digital ports that can be programmed as an input or switch..

My sensor requires a power source, can the DI-2108 provide that power?
Yes. The DI-2108 can provide +5V power by connecting the appropriate wire to the +5V pin.


Analog Inputs
Number of Channels: 8
Configuration: Differential
Full Scale Range: ±10 V full scale fixed
Input impedance: 110 kΩ
DC accuracy: ±5 mV at 16-bit resolution 25°C, excluding common mode error
Absolute maximum input without damage: ±50 V dc or peak ac (normal mode + common mode)
Common mode range: ±10 V dc or peak ac
Common mode rejection ratio: 80 dB (dc - 60 Hz)
Channel-to-channel crosstalk rejection: -80 dB
Digital Inputs
Number of ports: 7
Type: MOSFET switch
Configuration: Programmable as digital input or switch
Pull-up value: 4.7 kΩ
Input high voltage threshold: 2.4V
Input low voltage threshold: 0.8V
Absolute maximum applied voltage (V): 0 ≤ V ≤ 25 V
Reserved Digital Inputs  
Port 1: WinDaq remote events
Port 2: WinDaq remote start/stop
Port 3: Rate input
Port 4: Count input
Digital Ports Programmed as Switch  
Maximum drain voltage: 25 V
Maximum sink current: 100 mA
Count/Rate Inputs  
Digital port assignment: Count: Port 2 configured as input
Rate: Port 3 configured as input
Internal pull-up value: 4.7 kΩ
Input high voltage threshold: 2.4V
Input low voltage threshold: 0.8V
Terminal count: 65,535
Maximum rate frequency: 50 KHz with one enabled channel, 20 KHz with 2-4 enabled analog channels, otherwise 10 KHz.
Minimum rate frequency: 0.5 Hz
Maximum count frequency: 50 kHz
Power Consumption: <1.0 Watt, via USB interface
ADC Characteristics
Resolution: 12 to 16-bit
Above zero ADC counts: 2,047 to 32,767
Below zero ADC counts: 2,048 to 32,768
Maximum sample throughput rate: 160,000 S/s
Minimum sample throughput: Hardware only: 20 S/s
WinDaq software: 2.2 samples per hour
Sample rate timing accuracy: 50 ppm
Removable Memory
Type: MLC, pSLC, or SLC flash memory (with USB SD card reader); USB thumb drive
File Format CSV (Excel compatible) or WinDaq (Higher capacity and max speed)
Required Format: FAT32
Indicators and Connections
Interface: USB 2.0 (mini-B style connector)
Status LED: Multi-color LED
Input Connections: Two 16-position terminal strips
Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 °C
Storage Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing
Marking CE, UKCA
Physical Characteristics
Enclosure: Polycarbonate ABS, 0.080 inch thickness
Mounting: Desktop; bulkhead
Dimensions: 3.28D × 6.68W × 1.13H in. (83.31D × 169.67W × 28.7H mm.)
3D Model Click here
Weight: 5.7 oz. (162 grams)
Software Support
WinDaq software: OS support
Programming: Instrument protocol, ActiveX Control


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