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DI-149 Data Acquisition Starter Kit Delayed
DI-149 Data Acquisition Starter Kit

We tried our best, but we will not make the promised September 2 delivery of the DI-149 starter kit. Our new delivery date is September 9, and we are very confident that we'll meet if not beat this target. The hardware is sound (we have hundreds of boards in stock), but the addition of counter and frequency measurement capability to WinDaq software proved to be our Achilles Heel. WinDaq is a software application that has been designed from the start to be an analog data acquisition system, and the need to integrate frequency and count information has proven more complex than we predicted.

We apologize for any inconvenience this one week delay has caused, and we hope you understand that the decision was motivated only by the desire to ship a solution that meets or exceeds your highest expectations the first time it's placed into service.

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