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Technical Support Information

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Windows Vista and 7 Support Schedule
Check our support schedule for Windows Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit versions).

Common Problems and Resolutions for DI-148, DI-158, and DI-71x products
Fixes for common DI-148, DI-158, DI-710, and DI-715B errors.

DI-8B42-01 4-20mA Current Loop Transmitter Workaround
Workaround for when readings in WinDaq appear erratic when attempting to acquire data from a 2-wire transmitter using a DI-8B42-01 module.

DI-720/722/730/785 Ethernet Installation on a Windows Vista PC
How to install a DI-720/722/730/785 Ethernet instrument (ENA or ENB) on a Windows Vista PC.

Export Recorded Data to Excel
Learn how to Export recorded data to an Excel Spreadsheet with this Multimedia presentation.

DI-720/730 EN-B Ethernet Communications and Installation Issues and Resolutions
Fixes for common DI-720, DI-722, and DI-730 ENB Ethernet communications errors.

Parallel Port Issues and Resolutions

Activate WinDaq High Speed Option

Activate WinDaq/XL

Un-install WinDaq/XL

Printer Ports and Compaq PCs
Having trouble with your printer port on your Compaq PC? This link details the problem and a solution.

Common Problem Regarding Installation of USB Devices
Are you getting an error when you try to run WinDaq with your USB device? Here is a possible solution to your problem.

The CODAS Data Storage Format
A detailed description of the format that WinDaq software uses to store data files to disk.

Exporting WinDaq Waveform Browser Data to a Spreadsheet Program
A detailed, step-by-step procedure.

TestPoint Driver
TestPoint Driver kit. Supports DI-200, -300, -400 and -500 Series..

TestPoint Driver Installation Guide
A detailed, step-by-step procedure.

LabVIEW Driver
LabVIEW Driver kit. Supports DI-200, -300, -400, -500 and -700 Series.

Programming the DI-190/194/194RS/195B/150RS/151RS 
Follow this link if you have any questions on programming or hardware issues regarding our WinDaq starter kits. (Sample codes in VisualBASIC, Visual C++, LabView, Delphi, TestPoint, Borland C++ and Excel are available)

WinDaq Starter Kit /DI-100 Series Raw Data Format
Data format information for WinDaq Starter Kit / DI-100 Series serial port instruments so that you may write your own device driver. This information is provided "AS IS".

Enabling DI-220/221 Instruments Under Windows XP
To use a DI-220 or DI-221 Instrument under Windows XP, follow this procedure.

Jumping a 5B Module Socket
Pass-through connections to jump a 5B module socket so the channel passes through to the instrument.