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ChannelStretch™ USB Data Acquisition (DAQ) Technology

Synchronous channel expansion that's as easy as plugging in another device

  • Wouldn't it be EASY to simply connect multiple, low-cost USB devices to one PC and have them acquire data synchronously across units?
  • Wouldn't it be PRODUCTIVE to acquire dozens of analog and digital channels across multiple instruments to one application and file, just as though from a single device?
  • Wouldn't it be FLEXIBLE to easily scale measurement capacity up or down at will as your requirements change?

Convenient, productive, and flexible describe the ChannelStretch™ approach to scaling analog and digital channel capacity in USB data acquisition (USB DAQ) applications. It is novel technology developed by DATAQ Instruments that allows multiple data acquisition instruments to synchronize to within 10 micro-seconds between any two units. And, it's easy to implement and manage.

Connect up to 16 devices with the same model number

Up and Running in Three Easy Steps

ChannelStretch™ is as easy to implement as 1-2-3:

  1. Get a USB hub and 2-16 supported data acquisition devices that share the same model or series number. If you run out of hub ports, simply cascade more hubs until you have enough. DATAQ Instruments sells a 7-port hub for this purpose, but almost any hub will work.
  2. Connect your USB data acquisition instruments to the hub ports.
  3. Use software you designed, or our ready-to-run WinDaq software and begin acquiring up to 128 analog channels and 112 digital ports at a maximum sample throughput rate of at least 480 kHz.

The WinDaq Software AdvantageWinDaq Data Acquisition Software

You can use your own software to implement ChannelStretch™, but nothing beats the ease and speed of using our WinDaq software:

  • Regardless of the number of synchronized devices or the number of enabled channels WinDaq supports a maximum throughput sample rate of at least 480 kHz simultaneously to the real time display and the disk for storage.
  • All enabled channels across devices acquire to a single WinDaq file as though they originate from a single device, simplifying data review and interpretation.
  • WinDaq graphically displays in real time anywhere from 1 to 32 channels at a time, and easily cycles through remaining channels in 1- to 32-channel groups.
  • WinDaq's ready-to-run, point-and-click GUI makes setup fast and easy.

Refer to the detailed specifications page of supported hardware for synchronization conditions and details.