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AKRON, OH - October 1, 2000 — DATAQ Instruments, Inc. today announced the availability of its WinDaq/XL software add-in for DATAQ's WinDaq/Lite, /Pro, and /Pro+ data acquisition packages. WinDaq/XL extends the analytical power of WinDaq by seamlessly integrating data acquisition with the considerable analysis and graphing capabilities of Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet package.

WinDaq has already established itself as one of the fastest, easiest-to-use data acquisition packages available for gathering, displaying, and storing test data directly to disk. WinDaq/XL now makes it possible to manipulate the data in Excel, producing "calculated channels," which can be displayed in real time using Excel's graphing capabilities. The combination of WinDaq and Excel maintains the simplicity of both packages; the user specifies a few parameters within Excel, after which the acquisition and display process is handled automatically. Furthermore, WinDaq/XL can achieve a transfer rate of several hundred samples per second, at least an order of magnitude faster than other transfer methods.

The WinDaq/XL software solution is aimed at a variety of users and applications:

In the field of data acquisition, there is a recurring need to derive more insight from acquired data in real time than the primary signals can provide. For example, combining torque and rpm to derive horsepower. The product of voltage and current yields power. Desirable statistical analyses include means, peaks, medians, standard deviations, to name a few. WinDaq/XL facilitates these operations by applying the calculating power of Excel to data acquired with WinDaq.

In addition, WinDaq/XL offers a number of features that give users greater flexibility in managing on-screen displays. The WinDaq data acquisition application and Excel run independently and are unaffected by each other. WinDaq and Excel screens may both be displayed simultaneously. Alternately, the "Run WinDaq Minimized" function enables users to view only the Excel screen, while WinDaq runs in the background.


WinDaq/XL is priced at $99 (US target list price), and is available immediately.

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DATAQ Instruments, Inc., based in Akron, Ohio, is a leading producer of PC-based, real-time data acquisition hardware and software. DATAQ supplies the PC-based instrumentation needs for medical, research, and industrial test and measurement customers. For more information on the DI-195B Signal-Conditioned Starter Kit, call DATAQ Instruments at 330-668-1444 or write to: DATAQ Instruments, Inc., 241 Springside Drive, Akron, OH 44333-2473, or visit our Web site at E-mail requests for information to

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