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DI-145 Data Acquisition Starter Kit Developer's Diary

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11/15/2010 Note #2 PDS Release

Before the first schematic is drawn; before the first component is purchased; before the first word of a data sheet is written, marketing and engineering agree on a PDS (Preliminary Design Specification.) The PDS describes in excruciating detail every aspect of the product that engineering will design and exists for several reasons.

The first and most obvious is to prevent surprises. No one with access to the PDS can ever claim that they didn’t know …, or thought that ….

The second reason for a PDS is to act as a clearinghouse for changes. Any change that marketing or engineering desires must be communicated through the PDS.

After marketing and engineering agree on the final design as defined in the PDS the document becomes the foundation for all resulting descriptive literature: manual, data sheet, new releases, etc.

We’re pleased to report that the PDS for the DI-145, aside from details that can be confirmed only from a working prototype, has been approved. The result is an 8-page preliminary data sheet, which you will find here. Agreement on a PDS does not mean that the final product will not vary from its PDS definitions. It only means that this is engineering’s and marketing’s best guess as to what the final product will look like and how it will operate. As prototypes are built and tested some further compromise may (and probably will) be required.

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