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DI-145 Data Acquisition Starter Kit Developer's Diary

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12/14/2010 Note #6 It Works!

DI-145 firmware was designed on a development board while the hardware details for the product were still being finalized. We ended up with 130 KB of code that needed to be optimized to fit within the 64 KB program space on the DI-145’s processor. That’s not as bad as it seems. The development code contained elements of two products and a few libraries that were not critical to the DI-145’s operation.

After some pruning, the firmware was uploaded to the hardware and the DI-145 was connected to the USB port of a test PC running Windows XP and WinDaq acquisition software. Remember that the DI-145 is compatible with its predecessor at the protocol level. Since WinDaq communicates at that level, no changes of any consequence to WinDaq code should be required. And…. it works!

Much more testing is necessary. One channel failed to start and none of the digital inputs have been activated yet, but for the first prototype to scream to life with only ±1 count of noise without any hardware modifications is a very good start. We’ll take it.

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