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DI-155 Data Acquisition Starter Kit Delayed

DI-155 Data Acquisition Starter Kit

Release of the DI-155 USB data acquisition starter kit has been delayed due to unforeseen complications securing parts. Our new estimated delivery date is December 23, 2011. We are very confident that we'll meet if not beat this target. The design is finalized, the printed circuit board is laid out, and the basic software package is complete. We are currently awaiting some final software enhancements as well as some (apparently) hard-to-get parts so the instruments can be produced en masse. It has been difficult to nail down a specific date when the parts will be delivered, which is why the date is pushed back nearly two months. Rather than continually revising the date, we are providing the worst-case scenario for the completed product to be in-house and ready to ship.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay has caused, and we hope you understand that the decision was motivated only by the desire to ship a solution that meets or exceeds your highest expectations the first time it's placed into service.

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